Apple II tile engine
Apple II

An HIRES tile engine for the Apple II

As I wrote in a previous post, programming a game engine in HIRES (”High Resolution”) is no small feat: its memory layout implies that contiguous lines on display are not contiguous in memory, there are some ”holes” in the memory section, individual pixels are written in reverse order inside a Read more…

Apple II

A Game of Life

My port of Conway’s Game of Life to the Apple II is now complete! The whole code is available on GitHub. Plus, there are four posts on this documenting my progression that could interest those who want to learn more about programming on the Apple II, Coding in C for Read more…

Apple II

Making the Apple II sing

Now that my port of Conway’s Game of Life on Apple II possess a proper HIRES Title Screen, some kind of music would be great! In this post, I will present the sound capabilities of the Apple II then explain how I coded a (simple) music library. This is the Read more…