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An article about C++

Async tasks in C++

The introduction of the concurrent memory model and the concurrency library in STL are major features brought by C++11. With prior versions, we had to resort to platform-specific extensions or library in order to write multithreaded applications, limiting the portability of the code. One of the new facility introduced is std::async(), which allows to make […]

A Game of Life

My port of Conway’s Game of Life to the Apple II is now complete! The whole code is available on GitHub. Plus, there are four posts on this documenting my progression that could interest those who want to learn more about programming on the Apple II, Coding in C for an 8 bit 6502 CPU […]

Making the Apple II sing

Now that my port of Conway’s Game of Life on Apple II possess a proper HIRES Title Screen, some kind of music would be great! In this post, I will present the sound capabilities of the Apple II then explain how I coded a (simple) music library. This is the fourth post about coding the […]

HIRES Graphics on Apple II

The Apple II was innovative in many ways. One of its most remarkable feats was that it was the very first home computer supporting color graphics! Think about it! While all its competitor could display 40 columns of ASCII characters, the Apple II could displays graphics with up to 16 colors in LoRes mode and […]